Why You Should Update Your Locks to Improve Home Security

What is a Home Security and How does it Work
December 18, 2016

Unsecured house Scenarios

  1. Unlocked gates and doors. By forgetting to close the doors or padlocking the gate, causes harm to your family. Gates and doors are made with the purpose of solely securing your houses. If you forget to lock the gate, a thief might get inside; steal your belongings inside your lots like precious chairs or slippers, or motorcycles or any other valuable materials that can be sold easily. Worse case is when you forget to close the entrance of your house which later implies that including the rooms of your sons and daughters and even the master’s bedroom is unlocked. It will be much easier for burglars to get inside your house and steal your personal belongings. Home security doesn’t only apply to prevent burglary but also to prevent danger. Not only thieves plan to get inside your house but also other people who want harm to you and your family.
  2. Inactivated alarms. Alarms are not often installed in houses nowadays since it has no sensory detector. But it is useful in installing alarms in the walls of your gates or above it so that when a thief will climb up your gates, it will turn on immediately. However, if you forget to turn it on, it will be much easier for burglars to get inside your premises and pick the locks in your doors.
  3. No Fences. Fences are built to separate your house from others and to make a gap or space from your houses. Without fences, thieves, and harmful people is just one step closer to get inside your house.

Why not?

    Looking at your family and your home, all you want is for them to be safe and to feel secure. Leaving your house for work makes you worry about everyone and everything you left behind. When you come home, you want to see them with a smile on their faces and all components of your house intact. These will only happen if you properly install and maintain security components in your houses. On the way of which is to improve the locks on your doors. Long ago, doors don’t have knobs. But due to the urge of manipulating the security of your homes, knobs were installed. Locks and knobs come with different ideas. Others are just simple locking mechanism and others are way more complex than the original. Padlocks also evolved from easy-open padlocks with easily imitated keys to highly difficult to open locks. Improving these security systems ensures your safety and your family.     The question here is not why should we improve security in our houses but why not? Home Security Guide, a website that reviews home security in various cities such as Dallas, says that “Securing our homes is not an option; it’s an obligation, a necessity. We don’t want anyone in the house or any member of the family to be in danger just for simply forgetting or uninstalling safety measure in our homes.” (check out their Dallas home security review for more Dallas specific information). Locks are not the only thing that needs to be improved in a house. Windows also must be installed with grills to prevent easy passage of burglars. So Why not improve?

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