What is a Home Security and How does it Work

Why You Should Update Your Locks to Improve Home Security
December 11, 2016

Lets define both a home and security.

A home is a structure either a house and apartment or any other shelter where people reside or where people grew up. Some of us confuse a home from a house. A house is a structural and architectural component with walls, columns, trusses, ceilings, floors, beams, and roofs. It is built by engineers, architects, masons, and construction workers. While a home is what you call to a house where you stay and where you feel safe. Security, on the other hand, simply means a state where you are free or away from harm or danger.

Home Security Definition

Based on the definition from above, Home Security is therefore defined as being safe and free from threat or danger while living in your homes. It is something that can be applied to everyone for each of us is surely living in a house. Home security comprises of security hardware installed in your houses to monitor or track happenings inside. Such hardware is doors, door locks, lighting, alarm system, motion detectors, and surveillance cameras. Home security involves the insurance of locked doors; closed windows, activated alarms and other keys for the doors must not be kept outside, everything was done to prevent burglars from entering your house. Based on the reports and statistics, about 56 percent of the cases of burglary are entries using force. Many burglars studies and observes how you secure your home and when they find a mistake, they grab that opportunity. The other 44 percent are unsecured houses where they leave their doors and windows open or the security alarms are turned off.  Usually, a burglary will last up to 10 minutes but these thieves can just get in with about ten seconds.

How does Home Security Works

Home security works by applying and installing certain systems in your houses to prevent any harm from happening to your family. These systems work on easy concepts of ensuring safe entry areas into a house or your home with motion sensors which transmit signals to command panels or control units applied in the most convenient place somewhere in the house. Ensuring the safety of yourself, your sons and daughters, your wife, your parents and everyone inside your houses is how security works. Many burglars are armed with weapons like ice picks, knives, guns or even Tasers that may cause a threat to your family and may even cause a casualty.

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